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The pricing is straight forward, offering quality at a reasonable price. 


On small jobs, we charge 60 for the first hour, and 25 for subsequent half-hours. Week-end work is charged at 75 for the first hour and 30 for each subsequent half-hours.
For standard jobs we will provide a fixed price quote which will normally include materials.


We are happy to source materials and we charge 25% on the trade price for this service. We add a small mark-up to parts we supply to reflect the fact that we are using our time and expertise to select and deliver the right materials.

Most people enjoy the convenience of booking our personnel over the phone. Payment can be taken by credit/debit card or alternatively we will be happy to collect a cheque covered with a cheque guarantee card.

When we arrive at your property we will confirm or revise any telephone estimate based on what we find at your premises. In cases where we have underestimated and it is likely to be a longer job than expected, we consult with you, tell you the revised cost and let you decide whether you still wish us to continue.

Commercial accounts
Companies and landlords who wish to use us to take care of their everyday maintenance requirements can open an account with us. Invoices are to be paid strictly within 28 days.

Our guarantee
If you are ever dissatisfied, AC Electricians will repair free of charge defects in any workmanship performed, pursuant to a paid invoice.