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Injure yourself the DIY way
Susan Erasmus, Health24 08 Oct 2005
...many people underestimate the dangers in doing their own home repairs. In the UK alone, 70 people die per year while fixing their homes. Most of them fall off ladders. There is usually a sharp rise in accident numbers during spring, as this is the time of year people set about repairing the ravages of winter, such as blocked gutters, rising damp, mouldy garden walls and so forth. The largest single cause worldwide of DIY injuries, is falling off ladders. Power tools and electricity are also high up on the list.


Women prefer gas as trade proves fitting job alternative
Independent, UK - 02 Oct 2005
... degree in African studies at the School of African and Oriental Studies in London. ... desperate shortages of skilled staff such as plumbers, electricians and gas ...

Skilled Germans plug UK jobs gap
28 September 2005
By Clare Matheson
BBC News business reporter

One UK company has had to follow the example of 1980s TV show Auf Wiedersehen Pet in an effort to tackle the country's skilled worker shortage - but in reverse.

Crunch Time Approaches for Digital TV Switchover
22/3/2005 1:12pm (UK)

By Andrew Woodcock, PA Political Correspondent
Key decisions over the timing of the switchover to digital TV across Britain will be taken by the end of this year, Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell said today.

Battle over pub phone mast plan

02 March 2005
FURIOUS residents are fighting plans to put phone masts on a pub roof - just yards from two schools and a children's playground.

Mobile phone company Vodafone wants planning permission to put controversial G3 masts on the roof of Monkey Chews pub on the corner of Queen's Crescent and Marsden Road in Gospel Oak.
Save 200 a year on energy bills
Monday, 07 Mar 2005 11:02

A typical family fuel bill could be cut by 200 a year by taking simple energy saving steps, Friends of the Earth has said today


Housing market 'revitalised'

28th Feb 2005, a Monday

New buyers are returning to the housing market confident that interest rates have peaked, Hometrack figures showed this morning. The number of buyers registered with the property website jumped 28.5% last month.


We're a nation of DIY incompetents
By Metro
22 February 2005

For DIY, read Destroyed It Yourself. Some of us are so outstandingly bad at home improvements we have to take annual leave to sort out our blunders, research shows

Electricians number eight in happiness poll
City & Guilds
Friday, February 25, 2005

LONDON, England -- Electrician is the eighth happiest job.  Hairdressers are the happiest workers, while civil servants, social workers and architects are the unhappiest, a new poll shows.


Don't create a DIY disaster

24 February 2005

In the second of her new monthly columns, interior design consultant Jayne Webb, whose company Southover Design is based in Horley, warns about the dangers of biting off more than you can chew.

Derek wiring a fuse board